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What capacity is the air conditioner to be installed?
Does the unit require a 15 AMP connection? Yes No
  Is the switchboard located inside or outside the property? Inside Outside
What is the Construction of your property?
Is the area located on a ground floor or second storey?
What is the roof type?
  Is the house on stumps or cement slab? Stumps Cement Slab
Can the indoor unit be mounted on an external wall? Yes No
Can the indoor unit be 'butted up' against the external wall? Yes No
Can the outdoor unit sit on the ground? Yes No
Would you like the outdoor unit mounted on a wall or a roof? Wall brackets
Flat roof mounting brackets
Sloped roof mounting brackets

Will the distance between the indoor and outdoor units be more than 3 metres? Yes No
  How many Metres of piping OVER AND ABOVE 3 Metres are required between the indoor and outdoor units?  meters
Standard installation includes 20 metres of electrical wiring from the indoor unit back to the electricity box. Would you require any further wiring? Yes No
  How many metres (over 20 metres) would you approximately require?  meters
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