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EZYAIR Heatload Calculator

1 - What is the wall construction of your property?
2 - Is the area you want air conditioned located on the ground floor or first floor and above?
3 - What type of roof do you have?
4 - Where is the property insulated?
5 - What direction does the room face?
  6 - Does the room have a flat ceiling or a pitched ceiling?
- Do you have ceiling fans? Yes No
  8 - What is the height from the floor to where the pitch begins?  Metres
  9 - What is the height from where the celling pitch begins to the highest point?  Meters
  7 - What is the height from floor to ceiling?  Metres
  8 - What is the total floor space of the room?  Metres
9 - What kind of room is it?
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