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Condensate and split systems

When moisture laden air (otherwise known as humid air) is drawn over the evaporator coil (indoor unit) of a split system, the water in the air freezes onto the coil as it passes through.

This frozen water (condensate) soon melts off the coil and drains from the air conditioner via a drain.

The amount of condensate that a split system air conditioner generates depends on the relative humidity on the day, but rest assured, this amount is more than what most people think!

Please see the table below, which specifies the maximum amount of condensate water that each capacity of split system air conditioner will generate.
Litres per hour1.6L2.0L2.4L2.8L3.5L4.1L4.7L

All this water has to go somewhere... and if your air conditioner is generating up to 4.7 litres an hour, it MUST drain somewhere where it:

  1. Won't affect the health and safety of people around it.
  2. Won't affect the integrity of the buildings around it.
  3. Conforms with plumbing industry regulations.

Do you live in a high rise apartment?

If you live in a high rise apartment and don't have a drainage point for your split system, Ezy Air can solve your problem by installing an evaporation pan under the split systems’ compressor.

The basic concept is that the condensate waste drains into the pan, an element heats the condensate water - and the heat from the element allows the the condensate to evaporate out of the pan and into the air.

These evaporation pans comply with Plumbing Industry Commission codes below:

PIC - Correct termination of condensate drainage.

PIC - Split System Air Conditioning Installation Regulations.

There are three choices when selecting an evaporation pan:

  1. EVAP1: Max evaporation 2.4 litres per hour. Sensing probe turns on & off when required. (2.4kW consumption per hour).

  2. EVAP2: Max evaporation 1.5 litres per hour. Sensing probe turns on & off when required. (1.0kW consumption per hour).

  3. EVAP3: Max evaporation 0.18 litres per hour. No sensing probe, on all the time. (700W consumption per hour)

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