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Replacing a R-22 split system
with a R-410A split system

The background:
For many years, air conditioners ran on R-22 refrigerant. R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant which has very high ozone depleting properties.

As Australia is a signatory to the Montreal Protocol, it banned importation of products which ran on R-22 refrigerant in June 2010. As a result, all split system air conditioners now must use new refrigerants such as R-410A and R-32.

The problem:
When changing over a R-22 split system to a R-410A, the ideal solution is to also replace the refrigerant line sets. This is because R-22 oil and deposits left in the line sets are not compatible with the new R-410A refrigerant.

Unfortunately some customers (such as in high rise buildings and apartments) do not have the ability to replace their refrigerant line sets and this can cause BIG problems if the line sets are not prepared properly before R-410A is introduced.

The wall thickness of refrigerant line sets has also changed. R-22 line sets are typically 0.91mm thick - and R-410A line sets are usually 1.02mm thick. (This is a difference of only 0.11 of a millimetre). It is EZYAIR's opinion that line set wall thickness is not a consideration when dealing with the normal operating pressures of split system air conditioning below 12kW.

Why is R-22 and R-410A refrigerant incompatible?
R-22 uses a mineral oil, while R-410A uses a synthetic oil. These two oils are incompatible. If R-22 mineral oil is left in the system and R-410A synthetic oil is introduced, it will likely result in two highly unsatisfactory outcomes:

1. Under vapour compression, the R-22 mineral oil breaks down the R-410A synthetic oil and converts it to an alcohol, ruining its lubrication properties. As a result, the new R410A compressor will soon seize and fail.

2. The R-22 mineral oil will soon accumulate in the new R-410A indoor coil. This accumulation reduces the ability for the air conditioner to transfer heat. This causes the air conditioner to consume an abnormally high amount of energy while producing very poor performance.

The soloution:
Ezy Air technicians have been working with R-410A since 2001 - and have since refined expert policies & procedures to completely flush line sets before introducing R-410A.

How it's done:
Ezy Air technicians will recover existing R-22, then charge the line sets with Nitrogen to expel particles inside. They will then introduce a special flushing agent, which will clean and remove mineral oil which has been left in the line sets.

They will then blow nitrogen through the line sets at a high velocity to remove the flushing agent. They will then put the system into a vacuum to evaporate any moisture left in the line sets.

Ezy Air technicians will repeat this process until they are completely satisfied that the line sets are flushed and cleaned of all residual mineral deposits and oil. Only once this has been achieved, they will then charge the system with R-410A refrigerant.

Our guarantee
Ezy Air guarantee their technicians will have carried out our extensive cleaning and flushing techniques on all R-22/R-410A change overs, which will enable a R-410A system to operate at peak performance AND to comply with manufacturer standards.

This means that Ezy Air can guarantee all ‘swap over’ installations for 5 years (parts and labour). This is exactly the same guarantee as all ‘standard' installations.

How Ezy Air will flush and clean a line set

How Ezy Air replace a line set

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