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Will a split system cool the room next to it?

A split system air conditioner is a thermostatically controlled refrigeration system. This means that the condenser will continue running until the air in the room has reached the temperature which has been set on the thermostat.

If you leave a door open, then this allows air to escape out of the room. This then creates two situations:

  1. The air will exchange heat with the air next door.
  2. The condenser will have to compensate for the heat exchange into the next room.

This means that you may find that you must turn the thermostat down in order to make the primary room the temperature that you require. (IE: Assume you are in cooling mode, you will likely have to set the thermostat to 18 degrees in order to actually achieve 20 degrees in the room, as you are losing 2 degrees as it exchanges heat out the door).

So even if you set the thermostat to it’s lowest setting (16 ~ 18 degrees, depending on the brand), you may find that if you can bring the temperature of the primary room down to 20 degrees, you will only achieve around a 2 degree differential in the secondary room next door.

So... what temperature do you want in the second room?

2 degrees is a small amount of heat exchange, and you will find that temperature will be easily exchanged as soon as it enters a hotter room/hallway. This will mean that you may experience some temperature differential, but not a lot.

What if the temperature in the secondary room is lower?

If the temperature of the secondary room is LOWER than the primary room, – you will find that the temperatures will equalise and the thermostat will be able to control the temperatures of both rooms effectively.

It is rare to be able to control the temperature of the secondary room with a thermostat in the primary room (with the air conditioner). Even with the thermostat at it’s lowest point, you will be lucky to be able to achieve a 2~3 degree heat exchange in the secondary room.

While some customers are happy with a 2 degree heat exchange, consider the higher power consumption and abnormal loads on the equipment (which can lead to early equipment failure) before you purchase one split system to cool two rooms.

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