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When are Split Systems better than Ducted Splits?

  1. Single head splits have a much more precise temperature control, compared to ducted split systems. (Especially important in bedrooms).

  2. For bedrooms at night time and the door is closed, the air form the bedroom cannot reach the thermostat, mounted in the return air control (usually situated in the hallway). This means that each bedroom door will have to be open for the unit to operate efficiently effectively and comfortably. With a split system, they operate better when the door is closed.

  3. With a split system, you can 'zone' each room, so you can turn each unit on or off (rather than running the entire ducted system)

  4. You can have different temperatures in each room, so if someone likes it hotter or colder than another person, there's no fights over the temperature!

  5. They are quieter than ducted systems - no rushing air through the ducts.

  6. Split systems will actively clean and filter the air. Ducted systems tend to promote dust throughout the house.

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