Ducted Refrigerated Maintenance

EZYAIR specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of ducted refrigerated air conditioners. These units

What is included in a ducted maintenance?

  1. Check all indoor fan coil components are secure.
  2. Check indoor fan bearings are in working order.
  3. Check the correct balance of indoor fans.
  4. Check fan shafts for any sign of wear.
  5. Report any excessive noise or vibration.
  6. Check condensate drain is clear & operational.
  7. Confirm wiring is in the correct sequence.
  8. Tighten indoor wiring terminal blocks.
  9. Visually inspect the indoor unit for signs of refrigerant leaks.
  10. Check access panels for air leaks.
  11. Check adequate insulation on refrigerant line sets.
  12. Inspect flexible duct & connections for air leaks.
  13. Clean the condenser coil of dirt and debris (if accessible)
  14. Inspect condenser fan for damage or obstructions.
  15. Check for burnt wiring, overheating, sparking or bare wires.
  16. Tighten outdoor wiring terminal blocks.
  17. Inspect fuses and fuse holders
  18. Check for any noisy contactors
  19. Visually inspect the outdoor unit for signs of refrigerant leaks
  20. Tighten all caps on outdoor refrigerant valves.
  21. Check mounts and holding down bolts for the condenser.
  22. Clean & wipe down outdoor chassis.
  23. Check isolator is level, siliconed, operational and safe.
  24. Confirm circuit breaker identified properly.
  25. Remove, clean and re-install particle filters.
  26. Check static air pressure is at the correct setting.
  27. Calibrate remote control and set time.
  28. Check operation on all modes.
  29. Update and replace servicing sticker.
  30. Record Return air temperature.
  31. Record Supply air temperature.
  32. Record total heat exchange.


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