EZYAIR are fully qualified to supply, install and maintain all air conditioning systems in Victoria and specialise in split system, multi-split system and ducted refrigerated systems.

In Victoria, it is essential for split system installers to have the following qualifications.

  1. Victorian Building Authority License. (Without this license, a Certificate of Building Compliance cannot be issued).
  2. Energy Safe, Electrical Contractor License. (Without this license, a Certificate of Electrical Safety cannot be issued).
  3. Unrestricted Refrigerant Handling License. (Without this license, the technician is not allowed to install multi split, ducted or split systems over 18kW).
  4. Refrigerant Trading Authority. (Without this Authority, the technician is unable to purchase, dispose of, handle or store refrigerants).

If your installer does not have all four licenses, you risk fire, explosion, electrocution and at best, voiding of your warranty.

As multiple licenses are required to install air conditioning, many installers have 1 or 2 of the above licenses - not all 4... and if there is a problem, it can be an expensive and frustrating problem to fix if multiple contractors are involved.

Our advice is to get a fully licensed air conditioning installer (like EZYAIR, with all 4 licenses mentioned above) to do the work so there is no ambiguity when there is a problem. If there is any problem during your warranty period, simply call 1300 399 247 (1300 EZYAIR) and we will diagnose the problem by phone or send a technician free of charge to attend and fix.

EZYAIR are approached weekly to rectify installations which have been installed by unlicensed installers and due to the inherent dangers which these jobs can pose, unfortunately we do not repair units we have not installed.

Please see all four required qualifications to install split system air conditioning in Victoria, which EZYAIR have held for over a decade.

Electrical Contractor 20559

Plumbing License 49852

Refrigerant Trading AU25526

Refrigerant Handling L156073

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