Apartment Installations

We make apartment air conditioning easy!

EZYAIR are apartment air conditioning installation specialists. EZYAIR have been supplying, installing, replacing and maintaining split system air conditioners into high rise apartments for individuals, owners corporations and building management services since 2007. Due to the complex nature of air conditioning in a high rise apartment (or replacing a split system in an apartment) many companies will not attempt apartment installations, however EZYAIR are the exception, where many of their staff have years of experience installing split systems into high rise buildings.

If you are replacing a split system into an apartment, you may not have the option of replacing the refrigeration lineset without having to cut the entire system out of the walls and ceiling, if this is the case, please click on this link to see how EZYAIR have pioneered the way in re-using existing linesets inside apartments, saving customers time and money without having to replace the connecting components for air conditioning apartments and and providing a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

How do Apartment Air Conditioners work?

Installing an air conditioner into an apartment can be done with a split system, cassette system or ducted reverse cycle.

Special consideration must be taken when selecting the brand, model, size and features of an apartment air conditioner as all products have different features and benefits - all of which are important when air conditioning a high rise apartment.

As all air conditioners that EZYAIR install into apartments are refrigerated, they operate on the vapour compression refrigeration cycle, which means that the air conditioner absorbs and rejects heat through the act of refrigeration.

An important thing to note is that no air is exchanged between inside and outside the apartment, rather the heat is transferred by the refrigerant changing state from a liquid to a vapour and back into a liquid again. This means that apartment air conditioners must be drained correctly, as condensate water is created both when the air conditioner is in both heating and cooling modes.

How energy efficient are Apartment Air Conditioners?

Installing a split system into an apartment is one of the most efficient forms of heating and cooling an apartment.

Gone are the days of panel heaters which work on static resistive heating elements to create heat. These panel heaters consume a significant amount of electricity and output the same (or less) heat as what they consume.

Reverse cycle split systems absorb and reject heat through the vapour compression refrigeration cycle, so electricity simply runs the fans, sensors and compressor. The rest of the mechanical work is done by refrigerant inside of the air conditioner changing state - and by doing so, it absorbs and rejects heat, enabling them to heat and cool apartments efficiently and quietly.

Why select an air conditioner for an apartment?

Air conditioning is essential for a comfortable apartment. Split system, bulkhead, cassette or reverse cycle ducted air conditioners will heat, cool and clean the air inside an apartment.

There are many different choices when it comes to selecting an air conditioner.

Many quality air conditioners are designed and developed in Japan and there are specialist products that EZYAIR install which are manufactured especially for heating and cooling apartments.

EZYAIR has the products, range and experience working with complex installations so contact EZYAIR for expert assistance in installing air conditioning in your apartment today.

Cost for Supply & Installation of an Apartment Installation

The supply and installation of an apartment air conditioner depends on the following factors:

The construction of the building
  • If the building is cement, EZYAIR will use diamond tipped coring bits to core through the cement. If the construction is double brick, then EZYAIR will use specialised techniques to carefully drill through both sides of the brick. If the construction is cement sheet or rendered foam, then the installation price will be cheaper. .

The electrical run
  • Often apartments do not have ceiling cavities where the air conditioning electrical supply can be run. This means that the electrical supply may have to be surface mounted along the ceiling - and the distance and the amount of walls need to be considered when our electricians install the power supply.

The distance between the indoor and outdoor units
  • The further the distance between the indoor and outdoor units, then the more labour intensive it can be. The shorter the run, the cheaper the price will be.

Cutting plaster
  • Sometimes plaster will need to be cut away in order to get the perfect finish. If EZYAIR cut plaster out to run refrigeration, drain or electrical supply, then you need to consider the cost of getting a plasterer there to patch and paint after we have installed the air conditioner

Drain Termination
  • If your air conditioner going to be mounted above ground level, then consideration needs to be made for the safe termination of the condensate (water) that is created by all refrigerated air conditioning systems. If you have a balcony with a drain plug in it, this is going to be cheaper than if the condensate needs to be pumped to the roof or for an evaporation pan to be installed.
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