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Heating and cooling is one of the most important requirements to make your home or workspace comfortable. Operating since 2007, EZYAIR have established themselves as a premium air conditioning company that provides customised solutions for air conditioning applications of all sizes. EZYAIR provides expert advice coupled with online quotes, remote quotes and onsite quotes to design and install the perfect air conditioning system for you and your requirements.


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Expert Advice

EZYAIR employs a team of air conditioning experts ready to assist you select and install the best air conditioning system for your unique requirements. We have developed proprietary processes and software to ensure every customer receives the correct information to enable them to make an informed decision on their heating and cooling needs. The quote you select is shared with our installation team, so you know there will not be any surprises when it comes to the perfect installation of your new air conditioning system.


Installation Services

All air conditioning installations are carried out by our friendly in-house team. All technicians are trained by our friendly in-house team of engineers, electricians and plumbers and will work with you to achieve the best installation possible while following all requirements from Energy Safe Victoria, The Victorian Building Authority and the Australian Refrigeration Council. When the job is complete, our technical team will clean up after themselves and show you how to use your new air conditioning system.


Maintenance & Warranty

To guarantee the highest performance of your air conditioner, EZYAIR provides an industry leading scheduled maintenance service. We use equipment which is specifically designed and made in Australia, for Australian conditions. If you have any queries or problems with your air conditioning system, simply contact us through our warranty portal. EZYAIR provides a full 5 year parts and labour warranty on all installations.

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