Split System Maintenance

Every air conditioner requires maintenance to ensure it’s operating at optimal performance and efficiency - as well as cleaning the air inside the room. Maintenance should be carried out every 400 working hours in a domestic environment - and every 200 working hours (or less) in a commercial environment, depending on the indoor air quality.

Because of the many applications of air conditioners and differences in air quality, EZYAIR provides three maintenance services:

  1. 21 Point Split System Maintenance Service
  2. Deep Clean / Sanitation Maintenance.
  3. Ducted Refrigerated Maintenance

What is the benefit of Split System Maintenance?

  1. Maintenance removes microbial matter, bacteria, mould, pollen and dust from air conditioning systems, reducing the chances of sickness.
  2. Maintenance enables the air conditioner to operate at its maximum energy efficiency, saving on operating costs.
  3. Maintenance removes dander and debris trapped inside the air conditioning filtration system which can ignite due to an electrical fault.
  4. Maintenance eradicates odours such as mold and smoke and which can be a sign of a sick air conditioner. Maintenance dislodges blockages in the drain which can cause the air conditioner to backflow and flood.
  5. Maintenance provides a piece of mind, with an EZYAIR 1 year, anti-mold guarantee after the maintenance of each air conditioning system.

What is included?

  1. Remove particle filters.
  2. Dismantle indoor chassis and access indoor fan coil.
  3. Apply antifungal and antibacterial conditioner to indoor coil.
  4. Check indoor condensate drain for leaks.
  5. Visually inspect the indoor unit for signs of refrigerant leaks.
  6. Tighten indoor wiring terminal blocks.
  7. Clean particle filters.
  8. Check isolator is level, siliconed, operational and safe.
  9. Check adequate insulation on refrigerant line sets.
  10. Brush the condenser coil of dirt and debris (if accessible)
  11. Inspect condenser fan for damage or obstructions.
  12. Check for burnt wiring, overheating, sparking or bare wires.
  13. Tighten outdoor wiring terminal blocks.
  14. Visually inspect the outdoor unit for signs of refrigerant leaks
  15. Tighten all caps on outdoor refrigerant valves.
  16. Check mounts and holding down bolts for the condenser.
  17. Clean the condenser coil of dirt and debris (if accessible)
  18. Inspect condenser fan & bearings for damage or wear.
  19. Ensure obstructions are clear from condenser fan.
  20. Confirm circuit breaker identified properly.
  21. Reassembled indoor chassis and put back into place.
  22. Reinstall particle filters.
  23. Check the indoor unit is level and secure.
  24. Clean and wipe down the indoor chassis.
  25. Supply new batteries for remote control.
  26. Check infrared sensor operation on all modes.
  27. Calibrate remote control and set time.
  28. Update and replace servicing sticker.
  29. Record Return air temperature.
  30. Record Supply air temperature.
  31. Record total heat

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