Multi-split Systems

What is a multi-split system air-conditioner?

Multi split system air conditioners consist of one outdoor unit (the condenser) servicing multiple indoor units (fan coils). Depending on the capacity and brand, a multi split system can run up to 6 independent fan coils. The fan coils can be wall hung, bulkhead, cassette or floor console, offering a wide range of different designs for different applications.

Multi split systems are connected by refrigeration piping, communication cabling and power supply, similar to single head split systems.

All multi split system air conditioners are reverse cycle, which means they heat as well as cool and all multi split system air conditioners installed by EZYAIR have inverter technology coupled with variable speed compressors which make them supremely energy efficient, quiet and reliable.

Multi split systems are an excellent choice for customers who want to heat and cool multiple rooms at the same time, but not multiple condensers on their property.

Multi-Split Installations

Multi-split FAQ

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