Multi-split Systems

What is a multi-split system air-conditioner?

Multi split system air conditioners consist of one outdoor unit (the condenser) servicing multiple indoor units (fan coils). Depending on the capacity and brand, a multi split system can run up to 6 independent fan coils. The fan coils can be wall hung, bulkhead, cassette or floor console, offering a wide range of different designs for different applications.

Multi split systems are connected by refrigeration piping, communication cabling and power supply, similar to single head split systems.

All multi split system air conditioners are reverse cycle, which means they heat as well as cool and all multi split system air conditioners installed by EZYAIR have inverter technology coupled with variable speed compressors which make them supremely energy efficient, quiet and reliable.

Multi split systems are an excellent choice for customers who want to heat and cool multiple rooms at the same time, but not multiple condensers on their property.

Example of a reverse cycle multi split system air conditioner

How do Multi Split System Air Conditioners work?

Multi split system air conditioners heat, cool and purify air through the vapour compression refrigeration cycle.

A multi split system is a more complex piece of equipment compared to a single head split system, as multi split systems consistently monitor the temperature of each fan coil and vary the flow of refrigerant to each coil accordingly.

Vapour compression involves a thermodynamic process of a refrigerant changing state (from a liquid to a vapour - then from a vapour back to a liquid again) to enable it to absorb and reject heat.

How energy efficient are Multi Split System Air Conditioners?

Multi split system air conditioners are one of the most energy efficient forms of heating and cooling available.

As the thermodynamic process of absorbing and rejecting heat is naturally done by the refrigerant changing state, electricity simply runs the sensors, fans and compressor.

Multi split systems usually have a coefficient of performance (COP) of at least 3.5 to 1. This means that for every kW of electrical energy that goes in, at least 3.5kW of mechanical work is performed.

As a result, ducted refrigerated air conditioners are more energy efficient than burning gas for heat and can be run on renewable energy, such as solar and batteries.

Why choose a Multi Split System Air Conditioner?

Multi split system air conditioners are perfect to heat and cool multiple spaces at the same time while only having one outdoor unit.

Reverse Cycle
  • All multi split Systems can heat as well as cool and are often more efficient in heating than burning fossil fuels.

Energy Efficient
  • As you are only cooling one space at a time, the system only uses the power required to heat and cool that space.

Precise Temperature Control
  • All split systems have inverter technology which enables the compressor to run at a variable speed and provide less temperature fluctuation and higher human comfort.

Super Quiet
  • Split systems have brushless DC motors and fans, making them whisper quiet to operate.

Air Purification
  • All Split Systems can capture dust. Some split systems can inoculate airborne viruses and bacteria as well as break down Volatile organic compounds (VoC’s) and deodorise the air.

How much does it cost to supply and install a Multi Split System Air Conditioner?

The typical cost for the supply and installation of a multi split air conditioning system can range from $4000 for a two head system to $15000 for a six head system. The exact cost to supply and install a multi split system in Melbourne depends on a few factors:

The capacity of the air conditioner
  • Multi split air conditioners are specified by the capacity of the compressor. Even though the total thermal load for all rooms may be 10kW, you may select an 8kW condenser if you think it is unlikely you will be heating and cooling every room, saving you money on your original purchase. If you need a compressor to heat and cool all rooms at the same time, then purchasing a 10kW compressor would be worth the difference in cost.

The indoor unit mounting location
  • If the indoor unit is mounted on an external wall, then drainage can be gravity fed and the lineset can exit the wall easily. If the indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall, the condensate may need to be pumped up and the refrigeration lineset may need to be taken up and into the roof.

The total refrigerant piping distance.
  • The further the indoor and outdoor units are away from each other, the more refrigeration lineset, cabling, labour and refrigerant is required for the system to run at the optimal temperature. The closer they are, the less materials and time is required to install.

The condenser mounting type
  • If a condenser can be installed in an easily accessible location, then the cost would be lower if compared to a condenser which needs to be mounted high on a roof with a complicated mounting system.

The Switchboard Location
  • If your switchboard is close to the location of the condenser, then a power supply can be run quickly and easily. If the switchboard is on the other side of the house, more time and materials is required to run the dedicated electrical circuit

The make and model of the split system
  • As EZYAIR supply and install a wide range of multi split systems, there are many different brands on models which all have differing features which affect the price. Contact the friendly team who will be able to help you select the right product for your needs.
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