Split System Installation Quotes

Welcome to EZYAIR's dynamic calculators which will assist you calculate the correct capacity split system air conditioner and get an instant online quote to install it.

Please note EZYAIR install split systems in Melbourne, Victoria - Australia and will not be held liable for any work done by any other persons using their proprietary software.

EZYAIR to offer a full 5 year warranty on all parts and labour for the supply and installation of all major Japanese brands.

'Heatload Calculator'

The first thing you need to know is the correct capacity air conditioner for your home. Our proprietary heatload calculator asks questions such as room size, ceiling height, insulation type, roof type and instantly gives you the recommended kiloWatt (kW) capacity split system required to heat and cool the area efficiently.

Feel free to have a play, but please note EZYAIR will not accept any responsibility for units installed by any other party using our proprietary software to size the air conditioning system.

Heatload Calculator


'Installation Calculator'.

Once you have calculated the heatload (or already know what size split system is to be installed) our proprietary installation calculator will ask an intuitive set of questions to generate an instant online quote for the installation of a split system air conditioner.



'Remote Quote' Procedure

Our Remote Quote form was born 'Pre Covid' (around 2003) when EZYAIR developed multiple systems (such as heatload and installation calculators) to quote split system installations remotely.

This form requests specific information required to quote more complex installations of air conditioners and asks questions such as the size of the room to be conditioned, photos of where you want the indoor and outdoor units to go, a photo of the switchboard and the wall construction type.

Once the form is received, our estimating team will be able to walk you through multiple options and usually generate a customised quote for you within 24 ~ 48 working hours.

Remote Quotes

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Onsite Quotes

As EZYAIR specialise in period homes, double brick, renovations, new builds, converted churches, commercial and industrial air conditioning an onsite visit by one of our friendly and trained staff for a site inspection is required.

If this is the case, please contact us here or click on the button and we will be in contact to organise a time to meet you onsite and start the quotation process.

Onsite Quotes


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