Toshiba Split Systems

Toshiba are pioneers and innovators in split system technology and due to their 7 year warranty and specialised installation requirements, the brand is only available through air conditioning specialists like EZYAIR.

Toshiba are pioneers in the field of air conditioning. Many other brands license the patents from Toshiba to use in their own air conditioning systems.

Here is a short list of some of Toshiba innovations and inventions in air conditioning:

  1. 1961 - Manufacturer of the first residential air conditioner
  2. 1968 - Co-inventor of the first split system air conditioner (with Mitsubishi Electric).
  3. 1980 - Invention of the first inverter (alternating A/C to D/C).
  4. 1981 - Manufactured first residential air conditioner with an inverter unit.
  5. 1988 - Designed and manufactured the first twin rotary compressor in a domestic air conditioner.
  6. 1998 - Designed and manufactured the first CFC free, air conditioner using R410A refrigerant.
Many other manufacturers have licensed the patents on Toshiba technology and still use their tech in their systems today.

Toshiba also state their units can be run at maximum load indefinitely. Basically this means is that Toshiba are so confident in the quality of their compressors, you can run them at maximum load 24/7 if required, without damaging the unit.

Many brands will say their units can run 24/7 on max load, but not put it into writing. For Toshiba to state this on their brochures is truly a sign of commitment to the belief and products.

Toshiba indoor units are also some of the quietest on the market, with their engineering data revealing that their indoor units ramp all the way down to 16 dBA in quiet mode, which is even quieter than premium (and more expensive units) from other brands.

Toshiba 7 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

As Toshiba are a premium product with a superior build quality, they provide a longer warranty than any other manufacturer on the Australian market, with a full 7 year, parts and labour warranty on their products. EZYAIR also back this up with a 7 year parts and labour warranty on the installation.

EZYAIR are fully licensed and insured Toshiba air conditioning installers. If you are interested in Toshiba air conditioning:

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