Ducted Air-Conditioning Systems

What is a ducted air conditioning system?

Ducted refrigerated air conditioners consist of one outdoor unit (the condenser) servicing a fan coil which is located inside the roof or under the floor. There is usually a return air grill, which filters the air and feeds the air back into the fan coil. The air is then heated, cooled and cleaned by the ducted refrigerated system, then supplied to each space via insulated flexible or solid ductwork to diffusers, where the air comes out.

Depending on the capacity and brand, a ducted air conditioning system can range from 3.5kW single phase systems right up to 3 Phase, 40kW. The air diffusers (where the air comes out) also come in many different options, from the round (Jet) type, to square MDO (Multi-directional Outlet) to ‘Linear Slot’ (Long skinny diffusers) and customised bar grilles.

Ducted air conditioning systems are connected by refrigeration piping, communication cabling and power supply, similar to single head split systems, however the lineset is a much larger diameter, to allow for larger flows of refrigerant.

All ducted air conditioning systems are reverse cycle, which means they heat as well as cool and all ducted air conditioners installed by EZYAIR have inverter technology and variable speed compressors which make them supremely energy efficient, quiet and reliable.

Ducted air conditioning systems are an excellent choice for heating and cooling multiple rooms at the same time - or a large space but do not want split systems in each room or multiple condensers on the property.

Ducted Installations

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems FAQ

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