EZYAIR's Commitment to Excellence in the VEU Program

EZYAIR's Commitment to Excellence in the VEU Program

EZYAIR's Commitment to Excellence in the VEU Program

As an Approved Provider of the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program, EZYAIR already delivers independent assurance audits, as required by the Essential Services Commission for ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing the program’s delivery of cost-saving benefits to Victorian consumers.

Differentiating Accredited Service Providers

As EZYAIR is an Approved Provider (AP) specialising in heating and cooling upgrades through the VEU program, EZYAIR already undertake audits to ensure adherence to high-quality service standards and regulatory compliance.
It should be noted that businesses who are not AP's are not required to participate in any quality control or regulatory compliance audits, compromising their ability to maintain statutory and regulatory standards, consistently deliver a high level of customer service or pass on the maximum amount of value through the VEU program.

Our Commitment to Assurance Audits

1. Quality Service Assurance: EZYAIR views assurance audits as an integral part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service. By engaging in these audits, we reaffirm our dedication to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

2. Enhancing Program Integrity: These audits bolster the credibility of the VEU program by verifying Approved Providers like EZYAIR adhere to stringent guidelines. This commitment not only protects consumer interests but also strengthens trust in the program's outcomes.

3. Accessible Audit Schedule: The assurance audit schedule for July 2024 – July 2026 is now available on the VEU website. This schedule outlines when EZYAIR and other Approved Providers can expect notifications to participate in these audits.

4. Timely Notifications: Notifications for the initial wave of assurance audits will be issued by August 2024. EZYAIR eagerly anticipates these audits and is fully prepared to demonstrate our adherence to industry best practices.

5. Selecting Accredited Auditors: EZYAIR will engage auditors from the commission's approved assurance auditor list and cover all audit-related costs, including fees.

6. Transparent Requirements: Each notification will detail the audit scope, timing, and specific requirements. EZYAIR sees these audits as an opportunity to showcase it's dedication to operational excellence and customer focused values.

Partnering for Success

We encourage our valued customers and partners to visit our website www.ezyair.com.au regularly for updates on the assurance audit schedule and other VEU information. If you have any questions or seek clarification on how we audit our work, please do not hesitate to contact us. EZYAIR is committed to maintaining transparency and providing energy efficiency solutions and the highest level of service excellence in the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program.
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