What Licenses are required to install a Split System?

Who is licensed to do what?

As most refrigerants used in split systems are CFCs' or HFC’s that have very high GWP (Global Warming Potential) that depletes the Earths’ Ozone Layer, Australia introduced the Federal Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations in 1995 and incorporated the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) to manage and license the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.

Australian Refrigeration Council
The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) is the Federal organisation who licenses technicians with ‘Refrigerant Handling Licenses’ (RHL) to work with restricted substances, such as refrigerants, in accordance with Federal and International Standards and Laws.

Two License Types
There two types of Refrigerant Handling Licenses (RHL) that permit individuals to undertake work with air conditioners in Australia. They are:

  1. RAC01 - Unrestricted Refrigeration and Air conditioning Licence.
  2. RSS03 - Restricted (Single Head Split Systems).
What is a RAC01 License?
RAC01 - Is an Unrestricted Refrigerant Handling Licence. Technicians with a RAC01 hold a qualification of UEE3221 or equivalent. This qualification is usually gained through a 4 year apprenticeship in air conditioning and Refrigeration. RAC01 technicians are licensed to install, service, maintain and repair any air conditioning system of any capacity.
What is a RSS03 (Restricted) License?
Technicians with a RSS03 License hold a qualification of UEE20111 or equivalent. This qualification can be gained via an online course and 2 days of practical training. A RSS03 license holder is highly restricted to install single head split systems only.
A RSS03 licence holder is restricted in the following instances:
  1. RSS03 is not permitted to repair any air conditioner.
  2. RSS03 is not permitted to maintain any air conditioner.
  3. RSS03 is not permitted to install any multi-split system.
  4. RSS03 is not permitted to install any ducted air conditioning system.
  5. RSS03 is not permitted to add HFC or CFC refrigerant to any air conditioning system after installation.
  6. RSS03 is not permitted to charge HFC or CFC refrigerant to any air conditioning system after a fault.
For example: If an RSS03 License holder installs a single head split system and there is a problem with the installation (for example, a refrigerant leak) the RSS03 license holder is required (by Federal Law) to contract a RAC01 License holder to attend, rectify and repair the air conditioner for them. They also have to contract a RAC01 to carry out scheduled maintenance on the air conditioner as required by the manufacturer's warranty in the future.
What about Multi-Split & Ducted Air Conditioners?
All multi-split and ducted air conditioning systems must be installed by a RAC01 licensed technician. Any multi-split or ducted units installed by a RSS03 (restricted) license holder is classed as unlicensed work and will render the manufacturer's warranty void.

This is a brief overview of the Refrigerant Handling Licensing Scheme in Australia and should be referenced when considering the right contractor to install, maintain and warranty an air conditioner. For more information specific to selecting an air conditioning contractor, please see the Australian Refrigeration Council Fact Sheet 13 here.

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