Zoned Energy Labels for Air Conditioners (ZERL)

Zoned Energy Labels for Air Conditioners (ZERL)

Zoned Energy Labels for Air Conditioners

For many years the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program produced an Energy Rating Label for air conditioners which relied on a very basic testing protocol.

The method relied on connecting an air conditioner into an electrical source, fixing the speed of the compressor (for example 2.5kW) and measuring how much electricity it consumed with the mechanical output of the air conditioner and then giving it a star rating.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program have now released a 'Zoned Energy Rating Label' or 'ZERL', which now takes into account air conditioning performance which is relative to regions of Australia and New Zealand.

The different regions throughout Australia and New Zealand all have many different environmental considerations which all contribute to how efficient an air conditioner operates: such as air temperature, cloud cover, humidity, frost and snow.

While the ZERL is a step in the right direction, it is still not the most precise way to compare split system efficiency, as the testing protocol still does not take into account that all compressors are now variable speed - and different inverters and compressors all have different performance.

For example:

  1. If a compressors has a higher output, the air conditioner reaches the target temperature faster, the duty cycle is shorter, which in turn consumes less power over time.

  2. If a compressor has a lower output, once the air conditioner reaches the target temperature, the compressor ramps down to a lower power factor, consuming less power over time.

There are multiple factors which affect the efficiency of an air conditioner and while the ZERL is helpful, to make a fully informed decision, we also recommend comparing the technical specifications of each unit, for example:

At EZYAIR, we will take a look at each individual factor of the installation, such as your region, the space to be air conditioned and the specific requirements of the application and then will make a product recommendation based on the combination of factors which match your specific needs.

While we stock a comprehensive range, we are not wedded to any brand in particular. We compare the technical specifications such as SEER, COP, airflow, compressor range for our customers on a daily basis.

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