What is a Split System?

What is a Split System?

What is a Split System?

A split system consists of two parts: The indoor unit (the evaporator) and the outdoor unit (the condenser).

The evaporator is installed by inside the room, and is connected by refrigeration piping (also known as 'Line Set') to the condenser and compressor, which are mounted together outside.

A Split System operates on the Vapour Compression Refrigeration cycle (to learn more about that please click here) and are known for their high efficiency in both heating and cooling.

Because both the indoor and outdoor units take humidity out of the air while in operation, both indoor and outdoor units have drains, which require the installer to discharge the condensate (water) in a safe and compliant manner.

Split system air conditioners are popular throughout Australia, Japan, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. Split Systems are known as 'Mini-Splits' in North America and market growth in that territory has been in the double digits for the last 10 years and is expected to continue growing.

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